Virtual Voice Lab

Virtual Voice Laboratory

About the Project

This Virtual Voice Laboratory is a TDG funded project which aims to serve two purposes which answer to the current students' need to improve English pronunciation and to promote innovativeness in teaching and implement blended learning. The first purpose is to realize blended learning in a language elective course (LUE3003) to provide a series of pronunciation practices and demonstration for students of LUE3003 to improve pronunciation through self learning.

The second purpose is to extend the voice visualization function to serve all Lingnan students to improve their pronunciation in the long run. This virtual laboratory allows students to compare their voice recording to a demonstrative recording with two sound waves shown for identification of areas of mispronunciation on the voice charts.

About the Project Supervisor

Ms Angel Fan is a lecturer and course coordinator at CEAL, Lingnan University. At CEAL, she has taught LUE1002, LUE3003, and co-created LUE1003. For details, please visit the CEAL staff website.